Jenny Put Your Kettle On

“Jennie Put Your Kettle On”.

Welcome to Website fruit, the home of Joan Dance Paintings. On today, we have for your viewing pleasure the Image “Jennie Put Your Kettle On”. In the Image we see the maiden Jennie, with a gentleman caller. This scene takes place in the not to distant past in the time of the coal stove, with the Tea Kettle water being heated on the top, as the occupants enjoy the heat from the stove while the stove heats the tea. On the table is placed the sweetbread that goes with the tea. The purpose of the kettle that Jenny put on was to create a pleasant environment from which to see, if marriage is possible.

Now days we place the heated water in a cup and stir the EmergenC into it and allow it to settle and consolidate. The vitamins do their work swiftly and protect the body by feeding the immune system that fights this battle at the virus level. Immune Support is needed on today. While it has been said that there is no scientific evidence that the vitamins are effective in preventing colds and flu, my personal experience with the vitamins is that they are effective, and I have not had a cold or flu in the three years that I have been taking the vitamins.

Name: EmergenC


Price: $13.00 Case

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health Care

Training Quality: None

Research Tools:


Websites Included:

Hosting Included:

Free Trial:

Overall Rank: Not assigned

How EmergenC Works

B’s and Killer Tees

The story of B’s and Killer T’s. Both B cells and Killer T cells start out as B cells produced from the bone marrow. The Killer T cells before they are Killer T cells migrate from the bone marrow home to the Thymus and there began their transformation, and when mature they emerge as Killer T cells. They now have the ability to whip and to pull in and devour any invader of the body. The B cells have the ability to squeeze and to go to all parts of the body, when the B cells encounter any invaders, the B cell then finds the Killer T cell that was coexistent before the Killer T cell became a Killer T cell, and was still only a B cell. They both go and encounter the invader. The Killer T cell upon encountering the invader, lashes out and strikes the invader and when the invader tenses up from the blow the Killer T cell wraps its tentacles around the invader and pulls it in and devours it on the spot. This done the Killer T repeats this action until it can do it no more. Other Killer T cells join the battle for total eradication of the invader from the system.

Why do I say these things? Well…the fact is the Immune system must be fed. The food that the Immune system eats is Vitamin C, D, and Zinc. These three things can be found in EmergenC and all you have to do is heat some water and dissolve it in the heated water and then allow the bubbles to cede. Allow it to steep and calm down and take on a deep saturated coloration. While it remains hot, drink all of it, then the nasal membrane will open, and the entire army of B’s and T’s will then be fed for a day. A good strong army of defenders is a good thing in this environment, with the virus remaining among us. If you don’t take the EmergenC, then there are many other Vitamin Additives available on the market now, not much so just last year. The idea of Immune Support is gaining traction, and the EmergenC was the pioneer of this good movement.

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2 Replies to “EmergenC For Immune Support”

  1. Hey a interesting post you have here!

    The image is quite beautifully painted or drawed, I also like how you have explained the reasoning behind the image and all the items shown, it’s an interesting thought.

    As for vitamins helping to boost the immune system, I literally thought there was scientific evidence to back its benefits as they actually make a difference! Keep eating those essential nutrients!

    Have a great day!

    1. Sariyah, Thanks for the response, the vitamins are a help to me personally, and they are confirmed to help, but science doesn’t yet know how much they help and where. They paid a settlement to consumers that they did not help and that is the reason that I cannot say that they certainly cure. But as you say they do help and that is the reason that I am so for them.

      The thing that is a sure help is the creation of a personal website, take care of the work and the work will take care of you.

      Cheers and Blessings


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