March Winds

Welcome to Website Fruit the Home of Joan Dance Paintings. On today, we have the image “March Winds”. The month of march in Kentucky is usually a chilly month yet the worse by march is beginning to be over and the winds that blow usually begin to blow warmer. There are however cold winds that are able to blow.

In the image we see a woman that seems to be chilled by the winds that are currently blowing. The coat that she has on is pulled up and tight. There is a head covering on her head and the look on her face shows that the coldness is uncomfortable. Even so the break in march is towards the warm spring thaw. The old saying goes March winds bring April Showers, and April Showers bring May flowers. It is when, May flowers arrive that it is safe to say that “Spring has Sprung”. In the meantime there is yet the waning hard winter to get through before we can taste the warmth of “Spring”. The worst part of winter is the hazardous snow and ice that comes with the weather daily, and there is always a chance that precipitation can bring slippery ice that can be life threatening if slipped on. A fall from standing is still a fall, and any fall can be life threatening. Therefore, a device that can melt the snow and ice that develop with the freezing weather, can be a life saver. In this article we have for your viewing pleasure the heat trac, a device that is said to be able to melt the dangerous snow and ice.

What is the product? HeatTrak

Who is the owner? Could not find that out.

How does it work? Warms the Snow until it melts and rolls away.

Who is it for? People with snow and Ice that needs to be snow and Ice free

Is it a scam? No, the product appears to be real but I can not recommend it because the advertisement does not have any contact information that I can trace to any specific owners.

Pros Melts snow and Ice

Cons Pricey

Overall thoughts/A better option. Less expensive alternative, WA a better alternative. Not to melt the snow but to embark on a journey that will allow all things by creating your very own niche website and develop the ability to earn income even while you sleep.


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