Glasses that self-adjust by changing the focus of the lenses. Visualize To Build Website Free

Welcome to Website Fruit, the home of Joan Dance Paintings, where on today we have for your viewing pleasure the image “Walk Like An Egyptian”. In the popular song by the Bangles the advice was to “Walk Like an Egyptian”. The song came with a popular dance that matched the song. In the dance the dancer attempted to walk like an Egyptian Mummy and thus the stiff depiction of the mummy’s walk became the dance that was done. While doing the Mummy dance the hands went up and mimicked the action of adjusting the focus on the glasses. While, the dance is chic, the adjusting of glasses every time the vision changes is money saving indeed. These glasses dispense with the need of an optometrist. That translates into yearly savings for as long as the glasses last. The image shows what this tweaking of the focus looks like when glasses are involved.

Walk Like An Egyptian

Dial Vision Adjustable Glasses

Dial Vision Adjustable

Price $19.99

What is the product? Dial Vision adjustable Glasses

Who is the owner? fashionpickshop

How does it work? Adjusts the focus of glasses by hand

Who is it for? People that need glasses perfectly adjusted

Is it a scam? No

Pros Looks good on men or women

Cons Pricey for stand-by glasses

Name: Fashionpick

Phone: 861 555 795 2028


Address: 625 Kohler St, Los Angeles, CA 90021,US


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